Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art.

William Bernbach

Every relevant change in human history is the result of a group of people starting to behave like one another, but they are always preceded by a smaller cluster of people who have a tendency towards innovation and are more inclined to share new things: these individuals are called Influsers.

Thanks to the natural role of the Influsers, the rest of the people - the majority - can deal with change and the uncertainty that comes with it more lightly, because they personally know someone who has already accepted it. This dynamic, repeating itself in every aspect of social evolution, is the fundamental driver in changes in consumer's habits, because it is at work also when consumers form their opinions on brands and products.

The influence the minority of early adopters exerts on the majority is a continuous and pervasive process, apparently not easy to meddle with. Its study and the results though demonstrate it is possible to orient and govern it.

* We define "Influser" as the individual who guides the adoption of a specific behaviour. These individuals may come from different backgrounds and life conditions - see later (Bertalanffy, L. von, 1968) – as they go through the development of non-linear processes that involve the perceptive, emotional and cognitive levels. Their behaviour is characterised by: gathering an amount of information regarding specific subjects that is considered above the norm (Definition of Self); an inclination to share this knowledge in their connections circle (Relations Dynamic); the consequent recognition of the Influser as a trusted source of information by the connections circle (Perceived Feedback).- Marpa Simone Crisciani - EIST (European Institute of Systemic-relational Therapies)